The 200th edition of OFFSHORE ECHOS MAGAZINE will be entirely devoted to the figurehead of Radio Caroline Ronan O’Rahilly.

OEM 200 is featuring interviews with Ronan, pictures, news reports, as well as anecdotes and tributes from friends and colleagues including Tony Blackburn, Emperor Rosko, Fred Bolland, Peter Chicago, Rob Eden, Mike Hagler, Ronnie Jones, Johnny Lewis, Paul McKenna, Colin Nicol, Peter Philips and many more. All over 60 pages, dedicated to the man who changed the face of the radio world in Europe.

Those who are not subscribers, but would like to receive this special magazine are requested to order as soon as possible from The price – including postage – of this special issue is £12 for the United Kingdom or €12 for continental Europe.

It is of course possible to take out a one-year subscription (4 issues), but for this special issue to be part of these 4 issues, the order must be received before May 15th.

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